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New Pet Prep 101 - $150

Often families feel a little nervous or anxious before getting their new pet. Our trainers will do an in home lesson before your pup arrives to ease any concerns you may have and set everyone up for success. We cover the following areas:


Essential items

Potty training

Crate training

Feeding schedule & nutrition

Daily routine

Basic behaviors 


Creating calm

Biological fulfillment

Professional referrals such as veterinarian, groomer, and pet sitters (if we are unable to cover)

This is not a timed session and we will go over as much or as little as you like. 

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In Home Training

We commit to working with you until we achieve all of your training goals. The only thing we ask in return is that you stay consistent with your trainer’s instructions. Our job is to train you, not just your dog.  Private lessons are typically once a weeks while we work on applying the core principals of our training. 

Lessons may consist of virtual training. We often hear that the dog does amazing when the trainer is present but as soon as they leave, they go back to misbehaving and or the owners may be unsure if they are applying techniques correctly. You will send videos of what we worked on.  If you have trouble making videos, we will lend you a baby monitor with the ability to record and live stream or live stream and schedule a virtual lesson. This way we may see what you are seeing.

 Private In-Home Lessons: 

Per Lesson: Tues/Wednesday/Thursday (11AM to 2PM) is $150. Evening rate (After 3PM) is $175 . Mondays/Fridays: $175 Weekend Rate (Sat&Sun)$225. Rates based on 15 mile radius

Our trainer will work with you in your home, at your convenience, to reach your goals. These lessons typically cover the following:

•    Routine, Schedule and Nutrition 
•    How to walk your dog calmly on a leash.
•    Teach your dog how to self regulate. 
•    Good manners at the front door and greeting your guests.
•    Jumping
•    Nipping
•    Recall using games.
•    Structured Tug
•    How to make good choices.
•    Prevent bolting at the front door.
•    Creating a calm environment.
•    Conditioned Relaxation

•    Perception Modification (case by case) 


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