The Unmistakable Dog Independent Contractor Application



The Unmistakable Dog is a dog training company that specializes in perception modification and socialization. We offer pack walking and pet sitting to current training clients. We are based out of the Camden County area.

We are currently looking for responsible and reliable walkers. 

Walkers must be available between 10AM-3PM Monday through Friday and ready to walk or train in all weather.

Applicants will be 'independent contractors' instead of 'employees' of The Unmistakable Dog. An Independent Contractor of The Unmistakable Dog can choose to accept or decline any assignment offered to them. However, we are looking for professionals with reasonable availability and flexibility who will choose to accept most assignments.

Contractors must have a smartphone and be able to use it well and check emails and texts frequently throughout the day. They will need to use GPS/maps to locate a client's home. Contractors are expected to download a free app called Pup Walker in order to track walks and pet visits. While doing overnights, contractors may also be responsible for a client's mail, adjusting lights, taking out the trash, and cleaning up any pet messes (even some not-so-pleasant ones)--ensuring the client's home is maintained until their return.

We are looking for contractors who are able to self manage. They must be cheerful, positive, enthusiastic, and have a genuine passion for the care of animals. They must have a very high level of customer service and be good at making clients feel at peace about leaving their most prized possessions in their care. They must act responsibly while being patient and tolerant when administering care. Since our sitters work independently in private homes, discretion and respect for the privacy of others are required. Contractors must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Contractors must be independent and able to perform initial meet and greets at the clients' homes, and perform pet visits alone and without bringing other adults, children, or pets with them.

Contractors must be able to maintain emotional control during stressful situations, which may involve fearful or sick animals, last minute schedule changes, changes in care instructions, weather conditions, emergencies, etc. Certain visits may require frequent standing, brisk walking, lifting of animals, and potentially dealing with excited, happy dogs that jump up, scratch, push, and lick. Energy, good physical health, strength, animal sense, and stamina are a must. All contractors are required to pass a reference and background check which includes criminal/driving record, be over the age of 18 and have a valid driver's license.


Contractors are given the choice to accept or not accept a particular assignment if they are not comfortable with the pets or clients in any way.


Haddonfield, Marlton and Medford. You will need to be local to these areas in order to be considered. Please take traffic patterns into consideration. 


Contractor pay rates depend on experience and start anywhere from at $10-$15 per hour for pack walking. Your time starts when you arrive at your first home and ends with your last drop off. Pack walking includes picking up pets and walking them in different locations. Pet visits are also paid at your hourly rate. Pay rate per overnight pet sit may vary from $70 to $85, depending on client. There may be opportunities for raises in pay rates as the contractor gains experience and happy clients. There will be bonus pay for all contractors willing to work on holidays. Due to the nature of this business, the amount of work available will vary. There may be weeks or certain months when little to no work is available. January and February may be the slowest months. July through December are the busiest months.


Contractors may choose to do other pet sitting jobs on their own or through other agencies at the same time as long as it is not affecting The Unmistakable Dog clients in any way. Stealing clients would result in the termination of the contractors relationship with The Unmistakable Dog. When working for a Unmistakable Dog client, you'll be included under our liability insurance. The Unmistakable Dog will strive to provide occasional opportunities for free training in animal behavior, pet safety, and other pet-related topics. We love our contractors and support their growth as an individual.


•Must have some experience caring for animals and be comfortable around large, energetic dogs. 
•Must be able to communicate through email and text, and be able to take pictures to send to clients.
•Required to have a smartphone for communication, GPS/maps capability, and the ability to download and use apps.
•Must be professional, courteous and communicative with others.
•Must have a high level of customer service. 
•Must be able to handle stressful situations with a calm, assertive demeanor.  
•Are required to meet with clients during the Client Meeting or Sitter Introduction. 
•Must have a strong ability to follow written instructions, be self motivated, and self manage. 
•Must be friendly, confident, and comfortable with meeting new clients and answering questions. 
•Must maintain a proactive, meticulous approach to caring for client's homes and pets. 
•Must have good communication skills and a positive demeanor. 
•Must have a willingness to take direction and develop their skills accordingly. 
•Must possess a strong attention to detail. 
•Must have reliable transportation that can accommodate various weather conditions. 
•Must have the ability to walk and drive in inclement weather and heat.
•Must be willing to work in outside weather conditions, including cold, wet, hot and/or humid conditions. 
•Must be flexible and able to handle change with ease.

•Transportation safe for dogs and zebras, as you will be transporting dogs in your vehicle.

Work will routinely require the contractor to bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, and possibly lift pets. While rare, contractors may experience physical injuries from bites and scratches by dogs, cats, or other types of pets. Minor bruises and scratches may be frequent.

There may be extensive driving with this position.

If you are interested and meet the necessary requirements, please fill out our application with your resume.


If you are unable to work Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm and holidays, we will be unable accommodate another schedule for you.

If you meet the above qualifications, please fill out our application here: The Unmistakable Dog Independent Contractor Application

Thank you for your interest in The Unmistakable Dog.