Our pack walks in Haddonfield vary as differently as the personalities of our walkers.  We currently have several walks that occur weekdays between 10 and 3. We have a playful puppy pack, an older labby stroll and everything in between. 

This walk is great for dogs of Haddonfield to get out with friends, stretch their legs during the mid-day hour and work on leash skills, reactivity, confidence, make new friends and get in some much needed exercise.  We are currently accepting new pack walking clients from surrounding neighborhoods of Haddonfield.  


  How do I join a pack?

Click here to fill out our questionnaire about your dog, email, or call Elisa Directly at (877) PAC-WALK (722-9255) to schedule your consultation.  Based on the needs of your dog we will create a plan to get your dog into the best pack for your dog.  We work on a “Mary Poppins Scale” in order to train your dog and integrate them into our packs.  First, we do one on one training to teach your dog to walk effortlessly on a loose leash.   The goal is to have your dog attached to our skilled pack walker, walk side by side with very little corrections on the leash.  This can take as little as 3 days to one week.   Next, one of our skilled handlers will walk along side our already existing pack, taking cues from the pack leader, the other dogs as well as yours.  Slowly moving closer, building confidence, and then handing the leash over to the pack leader.   This sometimes can look like we are playing a game of catch with your dog’s leash.  We bring them in, let them relax walking with the pack and then send them back to the handler to not create too much stress and leave them wanting more.  Once we see a dog pulling to the pack, wanting to be with the other dogs, we know they are ready become a pack member.  Remember, all of the dogs in the pack have gone thru the same process.  They were once a newbie and were welcomed to join by the other pack members.  Dogs believe in safety in numbers, the pack wants your dog as a new recruit!  We teach them how to be a contributing member of the pack.


How do I know which pack is right for me?  

Leave that up to us!  We know our pack members and can tell you which is best for your dog.  

What should expect from my dog once he starts?

At first, your dog will come home very tired.  Being a part of a pack walk is much different than a solo walk dragging a person down the street.  We compare the mental and physical burn of a pack walk to us having a piano lesson while riding a bicycle.  Your dog is exhausted from having concentrate on all the different body languages of its pack members.  They learn so much from each other, much faster than they learn from their handlers.  Then, you will notice a happier more confident dog.  Now that your dog’s physical, emotional and instinctual needs are being met, they really do show it!  Most owners report better behavior in strange and new environments like the vet, going to the store and mostly on walks with their pet parents.  

I’m not getting the same results as you, can you train me too?

Absolutely!  It will only take a few lessons of us teaching you how to get the same results and letting your dog know that you know what we know.  


I want to show my dog’s new skills and friends to my family, can you take pictures?  How about video?

In the first few lessons of your dog’s learning, we typically do send you video of how your dog is progressing.  We also have a face book page, where we share lots of pictures of your dog meeting new friends and walking.  Please visit our page and share it with your family.