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Elisa and Melissa specialize in socialization, perception modification and biological fulfillment.  We do our best to train by using the least amount of conflict, whenever possible.  We teach a dog right from wrong, as if we were having a conversation about directions; by marking desired behaviors and relaxation with positive reinforcement.  We provide clarity which shows the dog that they have the ability to choose, this guides them to the behavior we both like and not just a harsh ‘NO’. 

After many years of attending seminars, taking bits and pieces from each, we created what thought was best for ourselves, the dogs and our clients. We discovered Training Between the Ears (TBTE), a complete training system created by our mentor, Mark McCabe.  As TBTE Practitioners, we lower a dog's anxiety level in order to better face the world's challenges.  By teaching a dog to learn what it means to relax and how great it feels, we can help the dog learn how to navigate everyday life with the least amount of stress.  By pairing rewards with behaviors we like, we can teach a dog to live freely without restrictions of commands and maintaining behavior.  Once the dog understands the system, they can take on new situations with ease. 

As a pet owner, it is important to choose the best type of training that works for you and the needs of your dog.  Talking to trainers that teach different methods may be the best way to choose what type of training is best for you, your dog and your family. 


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While my education is in teaching special needs children, I have been working with dogs for 12 years. I volunteered in open intake shelters, fostered dogs more dogs than I can count, and managed about 20 foster homes at a time.  After burning out working with autistic children, I tried sales and was really good at it, but hated being locked in 4 walls all day long.  I am an “on the go” kind of person, and LOVE being outdoors, in the woods, and ON THE GO!   As a pack leader, I have the unique ability to do all that I love!  I just love picking up an excited pup, to go for a car ride to pick up his buddies, have a structured walk in a safe neighborhood, and bring them home tired and satisfied.  In the 7 short years I have been pack walking, I have had the exciting opportunity to attend workshops and seminars from some of the best trainers in the country.  Most of them have become amazing friends and mentors in my journey to create a better life in “dogdom”.  I am a proud member of the International Association of Canine Professionals; I train under the “Balanced Training” model, am a TBTE Practioner and am the co-founder of Balanced Buddies Res-Q.  I firmly believe that the foundation for a mentally, physically and emotionally happy dog is structured exercise, quality nutrition and love.  

Melissa Winsor Dog Trainer Pack Walking Collingswood NJ Camen County


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Elisa began her love for dogs in the New York City shelter system in 2011. She spent many nights and weekends advocating for dogs on the Animal Care and Control euthanasia list. After years of suggesting perfect dogs, Elisa became the go to volunteer of the ACC Urgent list. Rescues reached out to Elisa to handle and assess dogs to pull. While working as a paralegal by day, volunteering for JDRF and becoming a crisis counselor for battered women, Elisa started many websites and marketing campaigns on social media for NYC homeless pets such as Foster Dog Placement, One Dog at a Time, and Stress Relief with Happy Tails just to name a few. In March 2012, Elisa and Melissa met when Melissa pulled two dogs Elisa was advocating for. Han and Leia were known in the shelter as the “War Time Romance”; they met in the shelter and fell in love. Pulled together and adopted separately, they would have never found their way out of an overcrowded shelter system without the picture taking and cross posting of Elisa. After Melissa pulled several more of Elisa’s favorites, they became close friends. In 2014, Elisa moved to NJ to join forces and create an amazing team and the rest is history. Currently, Elisa and Melissa attend several workshops around the country in order to better dogs. As co-founders of Balanced Buddies Res-Q and management moguls of The Unmistakable Dogs, Melissa and Elisa are moving quickly forward as Southern New Jersey’s newest power couple. Elisa is also a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals. 

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