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Fearful Dog Training Anxiety

Alyssa was looking for in home dog training in Atco, NJ for her little dog Louie who was fearful of new people.  We provided a structured schedule for Louie that built his confidence and give him something to look forward to.  Louie, who used to be afraid of the outdoors, now loves his walks, sits on place when guests arrive and leave and is so much happier and calmer! 

Training for rescued pitbull in Philadelphia PA

Nicole and Aaron brought their dog Blue came to us looking for training for rescue pit bull in Philadelphia, PA.  Blue was newly adopted from the shelter with no manners, way to strong on leash, and extreme hyper activity.  We worked on giving Blue the biological fulfillment she needed to be a happy healthy successful member of her family.  Blue did so well that they went back to the shelter and adopted another Pit Bull!  They applied the same techniques and now they are a happy family of 4!

Front Door Manners in Marlton NJ

Heather needed help with Bailey on front door manners in Marlton, NJ.  This short and stocky cuddle bug was running people over to greet his quests.  After teaching “Place”, we were able to generalize the label to any other area of the house.  Now Bailey sits calmly to invite all of HIS guests.  

Dogs fighting in home training in Philadelphia PA

Cheryl came to us looking for help for dogs fighting in the house in Philadelphia, PA.  Fox’s lack of confidence was causing him to jump other dogs before they could get him.  Using the concept of “Pressure and Release” we were able to speak a language that he was able to understand.  Fox was so excited to learn whatever we threw at him.  This 13 pound little man went from fun warden of the house to a playful happy member of the Murphy family.

Leash  Reactivity in Voorhees NJ

Drake came to us for leash reactivity training in Voorhees, NJ.  Drake is the middle man in the red bandanna.  As a 3 times a week pack walker, he has made friends, calmly walks on leash and no longer reacts at other dogs.  

Huey and his brother Calvin came to us for socialization and going after squirrels on leash in Somerdale, NJ.  As daily pack walkers, they have learned impulse control, can walk passed other dogs without any reaction and can safely walk next to several other dogs.

Jessica reached out to us to make her dog more social in Mays Landing, NJ.  We worked on Fiona’s impulse control, creating space for her to feel comfortable around other dogs, learning how to relax and self regulate.  

Puppy Training

Rebecca was looking for in home puppy training for her new rescue Pickles.  Our 5 week class was just what she needed!  Pickles learned to walk on a loose leash, place, recall, front door manners and conditioned relaxation.  With this amazing start, we know Pickles is going to grow up great!

Loose Leash Training in Hammonton NJ

As owners of the Hammonton Gazette Gina and Gabe were looking for Loose Leash Training in Hammonton, NJ for their strong pulling social butterfly Fenway.  They wanted their new doodle puppy to be able to go everywhere that they do and be the mascot of the paper.  Using the transitional position of our slip lead, they were able to do just that!  Be sure to follow Fenway on Instagram at wheresfenway for all things fun in Hammonton.

Leash Pulling training in Cherry Hill NJ

Wendy reached out to us for help with pulling on leash training in Cherry Hill, NJ.  This shot was taken after just one lesson.  It was the first time Wendy was able to walk them together without hurting herself. It was a magical moment for everyone.  

Kim and Deb reached out to us for fearful dog training in Mantua, NJ.  They had rescued Sophia from a breeder that was discarding her for not being able to produce anymore puppies.   Using Perception Modification, we were able to take Soph from a trembling shell of a dog that did not want to come out of her crate, afraid of anything resembling a leash and simply could not be in the same room as strangers. Now, Sophia runs and plays with neighborhood dogs, enjoys her walks with the dog walker, goes on trips to the Outter Banks and is just as much of a social butterfly as her mommies!  Good Job girl!

Fearful of strangers in Medford, NJ

Two Rotties and a Pit Bull all in the same house came to us because they were fearful of strangers and other dogs in Medford, NJ.  After building confidence, generalizing across several of our handlers, we were able to integrate these boys into a pack walk.  This was a long and not easy process, but with patience and perseverance hard work paid off!

Melissa and Elisa volunteer their time at Cumberland County SPCA in order to train their volunteers to create a safe environment, lower frustration and make dogs more adoptable.  In addition, Parker who was used in the training was pulled by Balanced Buddies Res-Q and was adopted as a service dog for a veteran.  

Kristen and Scott were having trouble with Kava after she became a frustrated dog with a new baby in the house in Marlton, NJ.  Little 6 pound Kava had a big problem with guarding toys, her bed, biting strangers, and excessive barking in the house.  A few rounds of tug and all the cares in the world for her were gone!  We happy to show Kristen and Scott how easy it is to full fill Kava’s needs in a playful structured way by setting a schedule they all could follow, rules and boundaries for Kava and peace and quiet the new baby needed.